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Pipefish is about solving the problem of trusted recommendations and reviews. By helping users find people who share their preferences we remove problem of questionable motivations behind a recommendation or review.

Five years ago John McAleer created CAS Group, a small, Alpharetta based, telecom consulting company, with Michael Mealling as its first consultant. Ever since then John and Michael have worked on the side to develop a way of improving the Internet. John was convinced that something still wasn't quite right with how social networks were being built.

In a 2012 conversation, John's father expressed frustration with how Amazon and other book websites were suggesting books he should read. For John's dad, reading is a hobby he means to fully enjoy in his retirement. But there's only so much time left to read the books he wants to read. There's no time to waste on a bad book. What he wanted was a clone that he could send out to find only the good ones. John figured that, while he couldn't clone his dad, he could figure out a way to find another person who was close enough.

This discussion prompted John and Michael to realize that what bothered them about many social networks was the assumption that who we were connected to said something definitive about us. While it might to a small degree, there had to be a better way. Pipefish is that beter way.

Job Board

Front-End Engineer: Summer Internship

Description: This internship will focus on front end design and implementation of web applications within several contexts: mobile, social, traditional, e-commerce, etc. The student will be exposed to customer discovery, design, usability testing, and Agile software development methodologies.

Qualifications: Qualifications: The target technology stacks are Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3, and JQuery. Expeience with Adobe Creative Suite and LESS/SASS preprocessors is a plus.

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Contact: Michael Mealling | Co-Founder +1-678-640-6884 @mmealling | Schedule a meeting: http://meetme.so/michaelmealling

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