You are more than the sum of your Facebook friends.


Have you ever noticed that most of the people in your social network don't share your taste in books, restaurants, or TV shows? Pipefish is here to fix that by finding people who have your same taste and help you collaboratively find new stuff that best fits you.


The Recommendation Network is where Pipefish users help you build a better experience for them on your site. Using modern web technology we provide your customers better on-site product recommendations without you having to process or store any of their personal information.


We learn about you from you and find people who we think share your preferences. But we don't share a single bit of your data with anyone. Ever. Click here to find out what kind of problems we can solve and how we do it.

About Us

Pipefish is about solving the problem of trusted recommendations and reviews. By helping users find people who share their preferences we remove the problem of questionable motivations behind a recommendation or review.

Our Blog

Interesting blog articles about Pipefish happenings: what we are working on, upcoming projects and some company insight into the minds of our team.

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